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Cooling Gloves
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Product Features:

These unique design cooling glove are perfect for runners or anyone outside try to stay safe and cool.

Protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun while cooling key pulse points to help you feel cool and go harder. The Procool Cooling Gloves instantly cool when soaked with water, wrung out, and then snapped in the air to activate the cooling properties.

-Body Material: 92% Polyester, 8% Spandex

-Mesh Material: 90% Polyester, 10% Spandex

-One Size Fits Most

-Contains 2 gloves

-When wet, cools instantly

-When dry, absorbs sweat

-Pulse-Point Cooling at your wrist

-Chemical Free

​-UPF 45 protection from the sun

-Promotes moisture circulation

​-Regulated evaporation to help cool